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Holding Hands

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Dr. Eyal Bodenstein

Meet Dr. Eyal Bodenstein

Dr. Eyal Bodenstein is a registered psychologist. He has comprehensive experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of difficulties. He also provides assessment and treatment of driving phobia, in conjunction with a qualified driving instructor. In addition, he has experience with both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric populations.

Dr. Bodenstein has also worked with numerous patients who have been affected as a result of work-related accidents or motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). Treatment is primarily cognitive-behavioural in nature, although various other modalities are employed as well. Dr. Bodenstein is also certified in the use of hypnosis.​


Moreover, Dr. Bodenstein has extensive experience in the psychological assessment and treatment of the geriatric/aging population (considered 55 years and older). More specifically, he deals with psychotherapy for issues in aging, differential diagnosis between depression and dementia, behavioural management and consultation for families, and retirement residences and nursing homes. Psychological assessment and treatment are offered on an individual or group basis and to families.

Holding Hands

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Practice Areas


Psychological Assessment and Treatment

Assessment and treatment for a wide variety of challenges. Visit our services to learn more.



Certified for Hypnotherapy
Psycho-vocational Assessment

We aid in making desired changes in our thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Garner valuable knowledge that can help you further succeed in work opportunities and passions.


Driver Reintegration Therapy

Support for people who experience anxiety following a motor vehicle accident.


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